Overwatch Betting Sites

Best Overwatch Betting Sites

Not sure which Overwatch betting site to join? Our team has done an extensive research to review only the best Overwatch betting sites after considering various factors such as customer responsiveness, reliable banking options, bonuses, reputation and security, among many others. These factors make the difference between an amazing and disappointing betting experience. By the time you’re done reading this betting guide, you’ll certainly enjoy the former.

The following are our choices of the best Overwatch betting sites;


Bet365 is ranked among the most trusted bookmakers today for Overwatch betting. They are licensed and regulated in both Malta and the UK. Founded in 1974, the company boasts many years of experience in the world of professional betting. They offer a wide range of sports with many markets and free bet, competitive odds for the best customer experience.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is an Irish betting company that was founded in 1988. The business is split into the UK and International categories for better customer experience. In addition to Overwatch eSports betting, the company also offers other betting products, including sports betting, online poker, online casino and online bingo. The advantages of Paddy Power over other betting sites are that they offer frequent money-back specials, live streaming and live a betting, wide range of odds for all sports with over 50 markets. The company has a mobile app for convenience. They accept payment through PayPal, Visa, and Skrill, among other trusted options.


888Sport is an online betting company that strictly offers sports betting. It is highly reputable in terms of Overwatch betting. As among the best eSports betting sites, they offer markets and odds for a wide range of sports events. Some of the offers at 888sport include a generous welcome bonus. They offer fast and efficient customer service. Processing payouts and other customer enquiries only take a couple of days. 


The Betway gambling company, founded in 2006, is another impressive Overwatch betting site. This Overwatch league betting site is one of the newest and most successful betting companies in the world today. The betting site is tailored to have a dynamic product in which punters can have maximum payouts from small bets. They offer jackpot games and various promotions to ensure that their users maximize their payouts. In addition to a vast betting market, they feature a mobile app that is compatible with most devices. Customer support is enhanced through email chat, live chat and even SMS.


BoyleSports is another incredible Overwatch betting site. The Irish betting company was founded in 1982. The affairs of the company are run from its headquarters in Ireland. The products offered include sports betting, online poker, online bingo and online casino. The company offers markets for sports, live streaming and live betting options, and wide coverage of events as they happen. The company boasts of an excellent user experience by offering great bonuses and promotions. They have a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-use mobile app. BoyleSports is certified and regulated by the gambling authorities in the UK. The security offered to their users is also over the top. 


Betvictor is one of the most successful betting companies in the UK when it comes to Overwatch betting. Founded in 1946, the company boasts many years in the professional gambling business with customers from over 250 countries. The company offers to bet on a variety of sports. However, football is the most taken care of. With wide coverage of football events, the company offers live streaming and simple in-play betting. The site features easy withdrawals; they accept various payment options such as PayPal, Skrill, and Western Union, among others.


Betfair is ranked among the best betting sites for Overwatch in the UK. It is licensed and regulated by the gambling authorities in the UK. The products offered include sports betting, online poker, online bingo and online casino. From the sports betting section, they cover events for various sports, such as football, basketball, and cricket, among others. They provide a wide range of markets with competitive odds for the best customer experience.

Overwatch Betting Sites Tips

Making your money work in betting calls for mastering Overwatch betting. Follow these tips to ensure your Overwatch betting experience is worthwhile;

Always Take Your Time To Choose Your Bets

With countless matches to pick from, you might be tempted to wager on different kinds of tournaments, events or games. The prudent thing to do is to keep away from doing that. Although gambling entails taking chances, due diligence on your part before placing a bet is important. You should only place your Overwatch wagers after extensive research on the players and teams involved. Doing so might even include not betting on your favourite player or team unless your in-depth research suggests that it is a profitable wager.

Manage Your Bankroll

Effective bankroll management is necessary for Overwatch betting. Setting a gambling budget and ensuring you adhere to limits is prudent. Doing this will be handy in not only helping you practice responsible betting but also reducing the risk of things getting out of control. Moreover, your betting limits need to constitute monies you don’t have a problem losing. Always remember that with all types of betting, winning is never guaranteed. If you’re on a prolonged losing streak, it is allowed to take some time off before placing another bet.

Research On The Player

Rather than only researching teams playing, it is also prudent to investigate individual players, including gathering information on different aspects of a player’s form. It is not uncommon for players to grapple with rough patches while gaming. Researching player form helps you make smarter and more concrete Overwatch betting decisions. Furthermore, ensure you place wagers depending on the most recent results to avoid bias.

Mix Things Up

The last thing you want to do regarding Overwatch betting is to always follow popular Overwatch tournaments. Surprisingly, even minor tournaments provide favourite odds compared to bigger events because upsets are highly likely with smaller tournaments. Therefore, always feel free to mix up betting markets on Overwatch games.

Specialise Where Possible

The aphorism jack of all trades and master of none is true when in the Overwatch sports betting space. Because of the number of matches you can bet on, it is wise to focus on a certain role, region or even type of bet. Specializing in a particular betting niche goes miles to refining your betting skills and ensuring you’re rewarded for your betting decisions. The same isn’t guaranteed if you bet on every region and match you come across. And yes, that is regardless of the high betting odds.

Types of Overwatch Bets

The best Overwatch betting sites offer bettors different types of bets. With various types of Overwatch betting sites, it isn’t important whether you’ll be placing your premier bet or you’re an experienced Overwatch bettor; you’ll certainly find the opportunity to put a successful bet.

The following are the most common types of Overwatch bets;

Match Winner

The simplicity of the match-winner bet is why many Overwatch punters choose it. You do not need to gather plenty of information about players, teams or even game specifics. As a bettor, you can check the Overwatch odds, see which team is the leading one and put a bet on it to be the winner of the match. The match-winner bet is an excellent choice for newbies.


Prior to the start of an Overwatch game, the less strong team gets extra score points. At the match end and with those extra points, the underdogs might be the match winners, and if you had placed a bet on that specific team, you’d earn some profit. Because of its high risks, the more experienced gamblers are the ones that choose handicap bets.

Outright Winner

The outright winner bet means that you need to bet on a tournament’s winner. The best Overwatch betting sites provide outstanding odds on the outright winner bet. Nonetheless, the waiting time is extensive, as a tournament might last several days or even months. For an accurate prediction of this type of bet, a thorough analysis of players, teams and gaming strategies is necessary.

Total Kills

A total kills bet allows bettors to predict how many kills a team/player scores. Overwatch is a sophisticated game with a vast number of characters. While some of the heroes abilities are great for scoring kills, others are appropriate for defence. Research players or teams to establish their play style for successful total kills predictions. Once you do that, you’ll manage to successfully bet on this type of bet on OW betting sites.

Top Overwatch Tournaments To Wager On

Although the maiden Overwatch was released in 2016, its tournaments are popular worldwide with an ever-growing viewership. Generous prize pools, diverse betting markets, high odds and top teams are all factors that contribute to making Overwatch betting not only exciting but also profitable for both gamblers and players.

The following are some popular tournaments covered on the best Overwatch betting sites;

Overwatch Contenders

Blizzard Entertainment founded Overwatch Contenders, a pro-level tournament, in 2017. The tournament is in five regions: North America, Korea, Europe, China and Australia. In every region, the top teams demonstrate their gaming skills via different competitive formats. Preparation for an Overwatch Contenders tournament begins through Open Division, where worthy competitors fight to qualify for Contenders Trials.

The teams with the best performance boast the chance to compete in the Contenders tournament and divide the big prize pool. Considering how difficult it is to pass the tournament’s selection and the fact that plenty of its participants intend to be noticed by the pro organizations, there is no doubt that it’ll be a spectacular show. All the best Overwatch betting sites provide betting on the tournament provide high odds meaning that Overwatch fans have the chance to not only watch matches but also earn money with their favourite game.

Overwatch League

The Overwatch League is among the most popular eSports tournaments. Also organized by the game developer Blizzard Entertainment, the league follows the conventional city-based team brackets. It has more than 20 teams categorized into two groups depending on their place of residence – West or East. During the league, competitors face one another in the best-of-five format.

On top of the high odds, the best sites for Overwatch betting provide plenty of promos available during the league, so always keep an eye on the latest updates and news.

Overwatch World Cup

Similar to the Overwatch League, the Overwatch World Cup is a yearly tournament that starts off with a qualification from where the best regional teams are split into groups. The best teams fight for the chance to get into playoffs. The tournament format has changed through the years, so it is common for changes to occur in the future.

Betting on matches during the Overwatch World Cup is an incredible way to enjoy some profit from impressive odds.

How To Play Overwatch In 2023

The special features and fascinating gameplay that Overwatch brings with it make it a highly popular choice among bettors and players. Multiple game maps and modes coupled with a huge range of heroes create favourable conditions for profitable wagering with top Overwatch betting sites.

The following are some of the common game modes in Overwatch;


With the escort gaming mode, there’s the one defending and attacking team. During the match, the former tries to stop an attacking team from delivering the payload to the objective through the map. Once the round time runs out, overtime is added, but the attacking team is usually within the payload range. Some of the maps in the Escort game mode include Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Rialto, Junkertown, Dorado, Route 66 and Havana.


The Assault mode has one single objective – to capture two control points. Once the attacking team gets to the first point, the clock gets a further three minutes. The map ends once the team captures the 2nd point. The Assault mode has five maps – the Horizon Lunar Colony, Volskaya Industries, Temple of Anubis, Hanamura and Paris. As with any Overwatch game mode, it is prudent to always choose the right heroes because each character features its own set of abilities and skills.


Blending the Assault and Escort game modes gives you the Hybrid mode. Primarily, the goal of the attacking team is to capture a point. Once this happens, the team pushes the payload right to the delivery point while the other team tries to stop them. The Hybrid mode has these maps – Eichnenwalde, King’s Row, Blizzard World, Numbani and Hollywood.


Like other game modes, control doesn’t separate teams on defence and attack. Two teams fight to complete unique objectives in the best-of-three format, such as capturing points. As with Assault and Hybrid modes, this mode has five maps – Busan, Nepal, Ilios, Oasis, and Lijiang Tower. Every map of this mode has three objective areas chosen randomly for every round.

Overwatch Vs. Other First-Person Titles

Compared to the other FPS titles, Overwatch is a unique game. Their difference is that players might choose their characters from a different list of characters. Each boasts a distinct set of abilities and skills used for strategic purposes.

Unlike other first-person games, the Overwatch team has 5 – 6 players in a team. Additionally, it has four real-time play game modes and more from the Arcade. Every mode has different maps.

Overwatch game specifics consent bookmakers to offer different betting options and curate more possibilities for bettors to enjoy a profit.


Although Overwatch is a seeming newcomer in the world of eSports betting, it has managed to grab enough attention from punters worldwide. And it will continue doing so because this exciting game appeals to bettors with an array of skill sets and provides a huge array of tournaments with madly talented teams from all over the world. Registering with the right Overwatch betting site will ensure you enjoy an incredible betting experience in its glory. Choose a bookie from any of our choices and begin placing your Overwatch bets today. Our choices of the best Overwatch betting sites provide fair bonuses and a solid reputation. All you need to do is take a pick from any of our recommendations, utilize our betting tips and enjoy a memorable and printable Overwatch wagering experience.